10 trends advertisers should know about mobile in 2018

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Mobile Trends 2018 of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) presented a report that analyzed testimonials, insights, and the projections of the industry’s biggest referents. This allows us to identify the advantages and challenges of the trends that will be used in marketing during the year as is the case of augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The new thing about artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence ensures the correct analysis of large volumes of data to collect and classify them. The results of mobile marketing campaigns improve with the inclusion of appropriate attribution models and the latest Machine Learning techniques.


The decentralized blockchain network


Blockchain hosts encrypted information that allows us to assess and monitor any type of financial transaction. This trend was created to prevent people outside the business from modifying the information stored in their system called “block chain”. The Blockchain network serves to legalize contracts, international shipping tracking, etc.

The success of audio advertising

Currently, Audio advertising is considered one of the most innovative and successful channels in the industry. According to the report prepared by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), it is going through an international growth curve. Moreover, eMarketer says that in 2019 the number of American listeners of online radios will exceed 191 million.

The impulse of virtual and augmented reality


The popularity of virtual reality and augmented reality will depend on the technology of the new Android and Apple cell phones. The Daydream platform developed by Google makes it possible for the greatest number of users to witness the benefits of such applications while Apple has launched ARkit, an augmented reality platform valid for IOS.

Transparency in data management

Transparency is one of the topics that most worries advertisers, mobile marketing and artificial intelligence occupy fundamental roles in this topic. Currently technological advances allow us to develop efficient campaigns in which a better audience segmentation is carried out, which takes digital programming to a new level.

Location -based and mobile marketing

The dream of every marketer is to show his ads to the public at the right time and place. This goal is specified through geolocation, a tool that allows us to send messages that are not alien to the context in which users develop. This trend helps to automate the processes and create new ones to improve what has been worked on.

Advanced security systems

It is believed that during 2018 Google Play and Apple Play will continue to improve. Such resources prevent the emergence of dangerous digital fraud, guarantee the veracity of the purchase and improve the levels of security in commercial transactions. Their results are achieved by crossing data to recognize the fraudsters behavior from the device in which he acts.

The power of messaging

The tendency to apply messaging in the campaigns comes with force during this 2018; however, it is important to analyze the database that we have and to segment it correctly to avoid that the public perceives it as invasive advertising, rejecting it completely.

Micrometers, influencers and mobile content

The user of today has the peculiar characteristic of consuming viral contents. These contents capture the attention of the public during micrometers and then be replaced by similar contents that enjoy more popularity. Mobile marketing takes advantage of this trend to keep your audience interested and achieve one or more goals.

Multi-touch attribution in the context era

Multi-touch attribution will not cease to be a fundamental piece for the development of digital marketing. Such a trend requires us to use advanced Google Analytics tools to measure the data of each user who participates in marketing campaigns. Its functions are focused on extracting information from online and offline channels.


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