Conversion Rate Optimization Services (CRO)


Who visits your site?


How they arrived at your site


”Which pages of your site they entered


Why a transaction was or was not done on your website

We have the tools and knowledge that allow us to understand the user’s behavior. We analyze metrics such as:

If you have forms that must be filled out, newsletters with new promotions of your products and services that you want to send, and you want to have a solid database of your clients, then you will want your quality visitors to register. Conversion optimization refers to the action a visitor takes on your website that will add value to your business.

Trust us to be able to adjust your website, decrease your bounce rate and take visitors to a final conversion for your service or product.

We want your website to provide the best possible user experience. We can eliminate possible obstacles on the page related to the content of the website, the design, the structure of the site or the technical problems of the site that will significantly increase the user experience.

We believe in being completely transparent by providing detailed reports that explain what we do, how we do it and why what we do works. We provide you with information about the key performance indications (KPIs) of your website so you can see the improvements we are making. The conversion optimization works.

CRO In 7 Steps

General Audit of the Website for Fast Winnings

”During our initial audit, we will review your website and analytics to determine quick wins.

Audit of the Analytics on the Conversion Cup

Next, we’ll review your conversion rates by location, demographics, traffic source, device and more to see where conversions are higher and where they are lower. This allows us to define where there is more room for improvement.”

CRO Audit of Desktop Computers

Now we begin to review the optimization of the conversion rate of desktop computers. We do this by creating a segment in analysis and we use real data to find problems. We also apply our industry knowledge and our CRO service experiences.”

Mobile CRO Audit

Mobile conversion rate optimization service is the best in the industry. Our innovative process and mobile review recommendations from Google Analytics always generate gains in conversion rates of more than 50%. At this stage, we do a complete CRO review of your mobile website.”

CRO Registration Process

Here we review each step of your payment process. We often recommend reducing steps, new technologies, autocomplete forms, design, content and more to improve conversion rates.


Social Sutra has a range of tests that have proven to perform well for customers. Each month, we recommend new tests for your website to increase your conversion rates.

Continuous support

At Social Sutra we always improve our CRO services. Our company applies this innovative mindset to your website and business. From continuous support to advanced CRO strategies, our work never ends. Online marketing always changes, so we make sure that our customers are ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Analytics review?

Digital marketing specialists use Google Analytics to review and evaluate the performance of their websites. Track visits to the website, where the visits come from and their demographics. It is a valuable tool for CRO, too.

Our Social Sutra team reviews your Google Analytic reports to diagnose the performance of your site and review the necessary improvements that must be made.

It is important to establish objectives with the Google Analytics Conversions section so that you have a clear north and know which way to go ahead.

Once the objectives are set, our experts in conversion rate optimization services will ensure that all your target pages and funnels are converted to all devices.

What is the Optimization Audit of the Desktop Conversion Rate?

Many people still access the Internet through their desktop computers or laptops. This is the reason why you need to make sure that your site is optimized for desktop traffic. Our team then does the following things for your business:

  • Review of your desktop website.
  • Recommendations about your images, text and calls to action.
  • Review of the analytical report in-page of Google Analytics and reorganization of the pages.
  • Test recommendations conversion rate tests.
  • Design recommendations
  • Create urgency in your home pages and use advanced strategies as timers.

What is the optimization audit of the mobile conversion rate?

83% of searches come from mobile phones. If your website does not respond to cell phones, you are losing most of that cake.

Also, as in the case of the desktop, your mobile traffic will suffer if your site is slow or hostile to the user. That will further limit your organic web reach.

We will review your Google Analytics mobile device reports to ensure that you do not lose customers due to poor design, messages or slow sites.

At Social Sutra, we take advantage of Google’s tools to ensure that your site is easy to use and passes the speed tests. If it fails in any case, we will provide you with a step-by-step course of action that will help you reach mobile device users.

What is the Sales Funnel Review Process?

Its main objective of digital marketing is to attract people to the sales funnel and guide them throughout the process. Our years of experience have made us an authority in this field.

How is it reaching your target market? Are you enhancing brand awareness? Are you getting a healthy ROI?

We will provide all the necessary information after reviewing your site carefully from a desktop and mobile perspective. This way, you can be sure that your site is optimized for visitors on any device.

The funnel analysis is a very important service for optimizing the conversion rate.

What does continuous conversion support mean?

We provide monthly audits of your conversion metrics to show you what works, what does not work, and recommend new tactics that will help you increase your sales.

It is very important that this be done periodically because trends change rapidly. You should always evaluate your digital strategy to ensure stability.

We will use our experience to help you stay ahead of the competition.

What is Divided Test?

Sometimes called the A / B test, the split test consists of web developers writing codes that show results on half of the visitors to the site and developing an alternative strategy for the other half.

After this step, our digital marketing experts will use Google Analytics to determine which strategy has a higher conversion rate.

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