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Digital Strategy & Planning

Your digital marketing can be more cost effective and more efficient – what you need is a joined-up approach. Our digital campaign planning service will help you develop a cohesive strategy.

Digital campaign planning – campaigns designed to grow your business

To create a digital campaign that can deliver on your business objectives, you need an understanding of how multiple digital channels work together and complement each other. That’s where we can help.

Creating joined up online marketing campaigns that will stand out against the competition requires the understanding of how different channels interact, work together and support each other.

Developing a digital strategy however requires recognition of your target audience, identifying where they can be found online and fundamentally, what metrics will determine success.

Online marketing planning that responds to your business objectives

Comprehensive online marketing planning is based upon a solid foundation of research that analyses your objectives, competitors, target audience and market opportunity.

With this knowledge targets, messaging and metrics can all be established. The result is an online marketing strategy that has direction, structure and measurement criteria in place to evaluate success and provide accountability.

Discover, Specify, Implement

It is by thoroughly researching your business that bespoke online marketing campaigns can be developed and initiated with features that include:

Research & benchmarking 62%
Competitor review 86%
Metric selection & forecasting 52%
Keyword research 40%
Market opportunity analysis 86%
Search opportunity analysis 86%
Online marketing plan 80%


“A creative, professional and very talented group of individuals, who have all worked together to deliver some very impressive and quantifiable results.”
Team Gojilove
Team Gojilove
Rather than providing off the shelf solutions they took the time to understand our business and tailor made a solution to serve us best.
Jonathan Simpson
Jonathan Simpson
Lead Manager

Campaign Planning