Discover 5 tools to automate your marketing and boost your results

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Do you know how to use the marketing tools for your business? Automations are important allies to optimize actions and have more sales opportunities. The more marketing is developed, the greater the opportunities for traffic acquisition and lead generation in social networks and websites.

But, in addition to attracting a new audience, it is necessary to create strategies that retain these contacts and facilitate the organization of the marketing and sales sectors. Therefore, automation platforms emerge as options to improve the relationship between the brand and customers.

If you want to know more about automation and what are the most suitable tools, continue reading this article.

Marketing automation: discover and understand its importance

Marketing automation is a trend in large companies and in marketing agencies. Its increase is due to the fact that it allows to obtain better results without altering the productivity of the equipment.

If before it was necessary for those responsible to contact potential customers several times to make a sale, today, this can be done in a coordinated way, at the right time and automatically.

Through intelligent algorithms, quality content and automation flows, it is possible to create contact routines that are effective and generate conversions. In addition, automations can be used to create more opportunities, close the marketing cycle and deliver potential leads to the sales team.

Automation allows, for example, to create priority flows, segment lists and create new groups with a few clicks.

Automation tools and software help you create specific campaigns, which will remain for as long as you want. Thus, professionals in the area can perform other tasks while automation manages leads.

Throughout the process, analysts should observe the results and performance of automations, seeking to add human and technological knowledge to create a balance, leaving the execution less robotic.

5 marketing tools you have to know

If you are interested in the topic and want to start implementing these tips, check out the list of marketing automation tools we prepare for you!

1. RD Station

RD Station is one of the main marketing tools used by major brands. The platform offers a series of mechanisms and features that capture and nurture leads along the sales funnel, which facilitates the integration of marketing and sales teams.

The structure of this marketing tool is very well developed and allows the user to identify, with a few steps, what are the necessary actions for each objective. Thus, you can create automations for the shopping day and organize the leads by scoring. RD Station is a paid tool and there are plans for all types of businesses. Values vary from $ 98 and $ 530 dollars per month.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is the largest company in this segment in the market. Its functionalities and experience are the most solid, which allows the creation of lead nutrition strategies, conversation bots , email marketing management, content, social networks and many other options.

This marketing tool also allows integration with the CRM system, but does not require programming knowledge to perform operations. Being a complete platform, it allows integration between content marketing and Inbound Marketingstrategies , but all this functionality has its price. There are some resources that can be accessed for free, however, the entire package can reach $ 850 per month, depending on the number of contacts of the brand.

3. Pardot

Pardot is the automation platform of the Salesforce brand, focused on B2B businesses. Salesforce offers complete services for the creation and administration of websites, based on the Fourth Revolution. By making these innovations simpler and more accessible, the company creates more democratic marketing tools.

Like HubSpot and RD Station, this tool offers system integration options and features that optimize and automate complex operations. Values vary from $ 330 to $ 1060 per month, depending on the needs of your platform.

4. Mailchimp

The Mailchimp platform can be considered the most beloved of marketing analysts. In addition to a light, simple and self-explanatory interface, it offers a free option for brands that have up to 2000 contacts in their database and send a maximum of 12 thousand emails per month. Therefore, for small and medium managers, this marketing tool appears as the most profitable option.

Another advantage is that you can mount campaigns from the list template base, which can be edited with custom texts and images or even create your own code for the template itself. Like the other platforms mentioned, MailChimp also offers a good database for analysis and metrics. It also offers integration options and even the creation of ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google without leaving the platform.

5. Mautic

Mautic is an automation platform for marketing and has the main features present in tools of this type.

By connecting the communication channels of a brand, the platform helps to monitor visits to websites and, from there, to create strategies for sending and creating automation flows. It allows, for example, to include a tracking script on the website, which will allow tracking of all contact activities, such as seeing which pages you have visited and what is the origin of the traffic.

In addition, it also allows programming of emails and A / B tests of public and schedule.

This marketing tool is free and has open source. Therefore, if you have good programming skills, it is a good opportunity to create something more personalized and aligned to your needs.

Now you can decide!

As you have seen, marketing tools are important to create more complex flows and optimize actions that allow large-scale customization. In addition, they offer technical support and, in some cases, training, training and consulting, which facilitate the achievement of good results.

However, before, it is necessary to align strategies and objectives to make campaigns more effective.

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