How to choose the best digital marketing strategies for your business

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Implementing different digital marketing strategies is important to boost your business. However, each strategy has an objective and, therefore, you have to know all the possibilities to choose the one that best suits your needs.

With so many possible actions, various questions arise about which strategy to start using.

Of course, the goal of most entrepreneurs is to increase sales and profits of the company. However, there are several ways to obtain this result, ranging from investing more or less money to demanding more or less time.

If you still have doubts about the best digital marketing strategy for your business, stay with us.

How to know what digital marketing strategy to apply?

Before analyzing each strategy and its uses, it is necessary to understand how to choose the best one.

To make this decision, you must take into account some points such as:

  • Who is the audience you want to reach?
  • What is the budget and the time available to reach the expected results?
  • How many people can help you with these strategies and what are your competencies?

To solve these 3 points, you need:

Analyze the public

The first step to analyze the public is to create surveys and design the buyer person of your brand, based on the people who already consume your product or service.

If your business is recent and you still don’t have customers, do an analysis of the public of your competitors or participate in forums on social networks that address your area of activity.

In this data collection, demographic and geographical characteristics must be identified such as: age, gender and educational level, as well as city or region of the public in question.

In addition, through social media data, you can identify interests, habits, objectives and customs of your potential buyers.

This is the first indicator to mount a successful digital marketing strategy. At the end of the day, this data is what will help you understand what may attract the most attention to your audience (from language to the actions you should take).

Create a plan with the business objectives

If you do not know where you want to go, it is no use creating certain actions.

Many brands spend time and money on wrong strategies for not defining clear objectives.

In order not to have this same problem, it is necessary to create an action plan with concise goals. Here are some examples:

  •  attract new customers;
  • increase brand recognition;
  • educate and nurture leads;
  • generate traffic for the site;
  • increase sales;
  • customer loyalty

It is necessary to understand that each of these objectives dialogues with an audience in different phases of the purchase process and, therefore, it will be necessary that you create new strategies if your intention is to reach them all.

In addition, you need to know how many people you can count on these processes and what their competencies are. From there, you can delegate responsibilities and demand results.

Set a budget

By defining a budget for digital marketing , you have already recognized the importance of this sector for your business. However, the available value is not always sufficient to implement all planned strategies.

Then, before choosing several actions, you should know how much you want and can spend.

Then, you can understand how much time you should devote to organic digital marketing strategies (that is, those that do not need financial investment) and what value you have to spend on paid ads (we will talk more about that in this post).

7 digital marketing strategies to apply

Digital marketing strategies have many purposes, that is, each one must be used depending on the goal you want to achieve. Therefore, it is very important that you do all the analyzes that we have shown you before.

After identifying the initial factors, it is necessary to understand what the priority of each project is. Only then can you know what strategies you should put into practice first.

However, despite being different, you will realize that you can (and should) implement more than one strategy at a time.

For example:

To increase sales, the public must know your brand and, for this, it is necessary to invest in a good disclosure.

This means that you can go from paid ads to social media posts and blogs, all at the same time to increase your brand awareness. That is, it is not necessary to choose only one strategy, but to put into practice all that make sense to you and your audience.

Now that you’ve understood, look at the 7 marketing strategies that we separate for you:

Institutional website

In the digital market, it is difficult to become a reference in a niche if you do not have a website.

Although it is an institutional site, which does not make sales, it can be the gateway for potential customers to your business.

The website must clearly show information about your service or product, must be  responsive and present content about the brand. Thus, the search mechanisms may rank this site and improve brand recognition for users.

Use the website to leave your other contact points, such as blog, FAQ and social networks, in view of potential customers.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is the acronym for the expression Search Engine Marketing .

The objective of this digital marketing strategy is to expand the number of visitors to a site, whether paid or organic.

When we refer to the organic form, we are talking about SEO , a set of optimizations made on a website so that Google, for example, finds your content more easily and recommends it when a person searches for the keyword related to your deal.

When we address the paid way of expanding the number of visitors, we are referring to the construction of paid links, created from Google Ads . This option allows the segmentation of the public you want to reach and brings faster results.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing is a strategy that seeks to expand communication channels to attract consumer attention, beyond the outlets and disclosure of your product.

In this modality, the Affiliate discloses a product or service of another person (which may be you) in exchange for a commission for each business concluded.

This is a great digital marketing strategy to attract customers who do not yet know your business and reach a different audience from yours, since Affiliates are going to spread your product to people for whom, perhaps, you are not disclosing.

Promotional marketing

The promotional marketing is a set of actions intended to generate you more value to the brand and enhance the shopping experience of the user. In this way, the customer can be loyal and make other conversions.

Incentive programs, gifts and samples, exclusive promotions and creative experiences are examples of how this type of marketing can attract the public.

Email marketing

The  email marketing is often seen as the villain of digital marketing strategies have been used in the wrong way in the past.

At the beginning of the development of online marketing, many used email without segmenting it and sent junk emails to several users who didn’t even know what the messages they received were about.

However, today, after several good practices were encouraged, there are entrepreneurs who bill millions only through this channel. But, for this, it is necessary to have a contact base divided into segments , create specific contents and work the nutrition and conversion of these leads.

An automation platform can help you optimize some tasks in this process. In addition, it is important to study a lot about copywriting , to write emails that really convert customers.

Content Marketing

The content marketing is one of the most widely used digital strategies in recent years.

This methodology has generated efficient and lasting results, as it seeks to educate and inform the public, using quality and free content.

Good content marketing aims to position your brand in the first results of search engines (allied to SEO, which has already been shown here).

For this, you need to offer, in your content, the ideal solution to users at the time they need it.

In addition to content on blogs and YouTube, you can also create rich materials, such as e-books, which are excellent for people looking for your solutions and are an efficient way to get contact with new leads.

Traffic purchase

Do you remember when we talked about creating sponsored links to appear in the first search engine results?

This is one of the digital marketing strategies that brings faster results (if done well), but it is also one of the great doubts of the digital entrepreneur.

Buying traffic means investing money in advertisements to attract people to your offer. When we say this, we are not only talking about educational content, but also (and mainly) about making a sale from a link.

There are several channels where you can use this strategy, such as Google Ads , Facebook Ads and Native Ads . To define where your ad will be carried, it is necessary to know who your buyer person is and which are the channels he uses most.

Basically, what you will do with this strategy is to deliver the content or product that your buyer person needs, at the time and in the place where they are looking for it.

The experience and choice of the best digital marketing strategy

It is likely that, at the end of this reading, you will feel a little lost in relation to which strategy to choose.

Remember that in digital marketing there are no defined rules for good results, but with many tests and analysis it will be possible to extract the best experience and implement aggregating actions.

Knowing digital marketing strategies is the first step to get good results. However, it is necessary to record the actions for the work to develop and reach new levels.

As we told you at the beginning, these are just some strategies you can use, but there are others that, depending on your audience, will make much more sense to you.

One of the digital marketing strategies that we do not discuss here is the construction of your brand in social networks. Do you want to know more about that?

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