Motion Graphics


Motion graphics made simple

Motion Graphic design is a demanding task and the pressure is constant to quickly deliver or modify high-quality graphics that enhance the branding and content of a channel’s programs.

Social Sutra Digital has been the go-to system for real-time 3D graphics for over 5 years.

This service allows us to create different types of animation , something that has become essential to obtain optimal results in the digital world. Your brand will have a presence in the different digital formats Web, Television and Social Networks. Complete your projects with these tools to offer a unique user experience. These services can be used on different digital media. Such as your own website, e-commerce, cinema, television or on different social networks. 

Within Motion graphics and animation these are the services we offer


It brings together the creative development and the definition of the graphic style that will finally be reflected in your animation video. Thanks to our knowledge in the fields of animation, design and layout, our team has the necessary capacities and resources to implement and control the graphic, typographic and chromatic elements designed from your brand image.


It consists of displaying data or information dynamically by making a video. The appearance of this type of animation has recently increased since the use of information in this format allows the user a greater assimilation of the content thanks to the fact that the same information is still displayed but in a more creative, dynamic and striking way, increasing its impact. The realization of this type of videos usually has a high impact on social networks.


Animations are an ideal option to present startups or new companies, explain the operation of a project communicating any service or idea in a simple and attractive way in less than a minute. This service helps to improve the image of your brand since we personalize even the smallest element, managing to better connect with users to establish our image and position it in their memory.


This service is based on the animation of the graphic image of your brand. In this set of animations all possible graphic elements are reflected so that your image can be displayed in the digital world. Our team can also bring to life all the graphics that are provided. At the same time, at Drool we can create the entire graphic identity of your TV channel from the conceptualization, direction and design to the production of the final animation.