Storytelling is one of the most powerful digital strategies on the web today. It’s about telling stories in any digital space, through any type of content related to your company.

This is the best way to generate engagement with customers and motivate them to take action on some proposed goal.

What differentiates these types of stories is that they will be directed to a specific target group in order to generate a positive reaction in them about the company and its objectives. Each company has a different story to tell and thanks to our experience we can help you find yours. In this way you can transmit through this tool the values ​​and objectives of your company so that you can sell your products or services, connect with your customers and build a reliable and authoritative presence.

The storytelling can be applied in any digital space, whether social networks, web page, blog, PPC, email marketing, success stories and mobile applications among others.

It should be taken into account that it is not only about generating content in writing, but about innovating and taking advantage of the available audiovisual media such as webinars, corporate videos and images, among others.

Important aspects

Then you should think about the audience, establishing to which target group the story will be directed. This is the most important part since the goal will be to make a connection with customers. Each story must be personalized and focused on what we want to communicate.

It is important to take into account that you should always generate a call to action and provide continuous monitoring to observe the impact generated on the different platforms.

As a first step you must discover the history and know it in depth, following the structure of principle, knot and outcome, focusing on the central problem and the solution that you are going to give it.

You must also choose the channel through which you want to develop the storytelling strategy. As we already mentioned, it can be any digital space but it is important to make the approach individually, since the content will be different for each platform.

  • Help humanize the brand.
  • Motivate and inspire customers to take action on the brand and products.
  • The message you want to convey has a greater impact on customers.
  • It is adaptable to any type of company or item. Which is favorable to receive feedback from our customers.
  • Increase traffic to different digital platforms.
  • You get a solid and closer relationship with customers
  • Measure customer engagement with the brand.
  • Get important data for the company.
  • Help create a reliable and authoritative image
  • You can increase the sales of the company.
  • Your investment is accessible to companies.