Lead nurturing

It is a method that allows analyzing and understanding the different stages since a potential client becomes a lead and subsequently a loyal customer. Lead Nurturing develops a personalized relationship with customers and offers valuable assets.

The process begins by obtaining records through landing pages or social networks. However, it is very possible that the leads that are being captured are not prepared to make their purchase because they are in the phase of searching for information about a product or service. For this reason, a lead culture or a lead nurturing begins.

The cultivation of lead does not consist in calling or communicating with the client insistently to confirm if you want to buy the product. It is about developing a personalized relationship offering valuable and useful information for your purchase process.

Lead Nurturing differs from a traditional emailing campaign because it does not need a database for mass shipments to people who are probably not looking for or do not need the product or service. Lead Nurturing is a personalized and segmented process according to the interests of each target.

Important aspects

  • Identify the users of the database who are prepared to make a purchase.
  • Follow up on users who are not yet ready to make the purchase.
  • Recover users that were lost and start the process.
  • The Lead Nurturing process keeps customers loyal and informed through constant communication. Appropriate information must be provided at the right time to influence the purchase decision.
  • It also allows you to optimize a company’s business strategies to the maximum. Well-managed Lead Nurturing planning can increase sales opportunities by 50%.