Marketing Automation

This is a very useful platform to automate campaign execution tasks by providing adequate follow-up to the contact so that it is a possible customer and the sale is achieved.

Marketing processes such as market segmentation, leads or customers, customer data and advertising campaign developments are automated.

What is achieved with Marketing Automation is to make the processes more efficient and controlled even taking into account customer relationships (CRM).

It can also be said that it is a set of processes and techniques created to optimize the flow of Marketing to Sales and takes into account information from lead generation, advanced segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring to the assignment of leads to sales .

This process is very effective as it is customized for each potential client. Nowadays people reject automatic and massive emails and usually block or place them as spam. Companies must begin to change and provide personalized services to capture the desired customers and thus be able to meet the sales objectives.

Important Aspects

Marketing Automation

Establish personalized communication to grow leads until they are ready for sale.
Streamlines and improves the management of Marketing programs and strategies.
Measure the impact of Marketing on sales.

Classification of Leads

Depending on the behavior of the potential client, classification actions are generated and each record is qualified so that each person receives emails, calls or messages on Social Networks in a timely manner.

Management of Leads

It is a dynamic way where the sales team knows which is the most appropriate contact mode for each possible customer depending on the phase in which they are in the purchase decision.

Targeting of Leads

With the demographic data and the behaviors of the individuals, different actions are proposed to the Marketing and Sales teams to know at what moment of their decision-making process they are.



Provides constant information from potential customers so that sellers can take effective actions.

Utility and personalization

Marketing Automation has the benefit of providing its prospects with useful and personalized information that converts them into potential customers and subsequently into loyal customers.


This practice increases the economic benefits of a company and the investment has an excellent return.