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What is Search
Engine Marketing?”

SEM: the best showcase for your company

Search Engine Marketing is an advertising and marketing strategy that aims to position companies in search engines to be found by potential customers.

The SEM is also called pay per click or sponsored link as it only pays for clicks on the ad.

This type of advertising can be taken into account as a multichannel strategy to not lose market share and to meet the needs of the buyer person.

It is recommended that this service be monitored by an experienced digital advertising agency so that the result is optimal and the marketing objectives can be met.

Advantages Of SEM

This advertising has the characteristic that appears in the form of text in the searches carried out in the search engines and are placed in prominent places of each search engine. They are usually found at the top and on the right side through keywords. This modality has become more known with Google Adwords among others. 

  • Appear immediately in the top positions of ads in Google .
  • Increase traffic to your Web page .
  • Increase sales through the approach to potential customers.
  • Generate better reputation and brand image on the Internet.
  • Plan and control the investment budget in Internet advertising .
  • Segment your campaigns based on geography, language, product or service, etc.
  • Complement your SEO Web positioning strategy

What To you get in SEM

  • We analyze your website and objectives, and design a promotion strategy.
  • We configure the analysis systems of visits required to evaluate the results of the campaign.
  • We create an advertising account in Google Adwords and build your ad campaign in Google .
  • We select the most optimal keywords for your company (unlimited words).
  • We adjust the settings according to the needs of the campaign (geography, language, etc.).
  • We create text ads and / or graphics, and we direct them to your Web page .
  • We analyze the results weekly and optimize your campaign if necessary.
  • We agree with you the changes that are necessary in the campaign .
  • We will send you monthly results report and we put an adviser at your disposal for any questions.

Why Search Engine Marketing?

Using search engine marketing to help position your website will help you differentiate yourself from your main competitors and achieve a unique and outstanding position .

What do we get with the SEM?

The SEM by keyword allows you to direct your message to the desired target and only pays for each potential client that clicks on the ad, therefore the investment is not very high and provides a greater ROI to your digital marketing strategy.

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