Social Listening

Knowing your customers is the most powerful weapon you can have to connect with your prospects and provide what they are really looking for. Social listening will be the best way to know what your customers talk about you, your products, industry and topics related to your company. You just have to listen and implement an effective strategy that allows you to be aware of the interests of your customers, to build a more valuable and lasting relationship. Social Sutra has associated companies such as SEM Rush, Hotsuite that use advanced software to detect the most important information for your company.

Important aspects


Monitoring keywords is essential to identify the problems or needs that your customers have with your products or those of your competition. This information will help you optimize your products or services based on the expectations of your prospects.

Social platforms

You should not focus on a single platform. On the contrary, you should monitor where your prospects have the most engagement. This way you can direct all your efforts towards these spaces of the web. Twitter and Facebook are two great platforms for social listening among others.


It is crucial that after performing certain marketing actions in your online presence, you monitor the interaction with your content. This way you can identify the influencers of your industry.

Market analysis

With a social listening it will be easier to collect insights for the development and understanding of new products and services of your company.

Preferences and interests

Today a person who wishes to make a purchase, first of all, performs a search on the internet or social platform. This information will be crucial, to determine the tastes, preferences and behavior of the prospects with your products or content related to your company.


With this tool, you will have the opportunity as never before, to know what your competition is saying and doing. This will give you the advantage of performing a more detailed analysis that allows you to communicate and promote yourself with added values ​​that position you above your competition.

Customer Service

In addition to obtaining valuable information about your customers, you can also provide better customer service, ensuring that the response time is efficient and that your customers receive the necessary support.