Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Having an adequate presence in social networks is the key to generating immediate results in marketing and sales strategies.


If all the tools of social media optimization are used properly, there will be a competitive advantage over the competition to attract new customers and maintain current ones.


It is necessary to optimize the profiles in social networks and increase interactivity with the user in a fun, creative and dynamic way, captivating to generate a unique and satisfactory experience with your company.

Important aspects

Social Media Optimization (SMO)


The branding for smo is to build an image and an adequate presence in the social networks of consumers, therefore the company can become the top of mind of the client.

Content Optimization

Less is more. The content that is published on social networks should be useful, educational and optimal to retain the user.


Within social networks, the most important thing is to generate viral content to publicize the company or organization. This can be developed through marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

Generate Information

Optimizing content on social media platforms will facilitate the message to be understood quickly, which makes it possible to inform and communicate information in different ways.

User Becomes a Broadcast Channel

A user becomes a broadcast channel by sharing information within social networks and by disseminating interesting content within virtual platforms. If the content is striking, it will ensure that the information is disseminated by the potential customers themselves, generating publicity thanks to them.


Each social network must be personalized for your company. This provides added value and prestige to the organization. It must be managed in a creative and dynamic way, preserving professionalism to achieve customer engagement.

Types of Content

Due to the versatility offered by social media platforms, all types of content can be generated, provided it is of quality and useful to generate a positive impact on the user.


The design that is managed within the profiles of the social networks must follow the same graphic line of the company to maintain your image and the positioning of the branding.

Encourages customer participation

Generating movement in social networks will motivate the client to be part of the brand by participating in games, applications or promotions that take place within the different social media profiles.