What are SEM campaigns? and why should your business use them?

  • May 14, 2019
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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertising campaigns can help your company promote its website and its products through ads that appear in the SERPs (search results pages).

But, why should your business invest in this resource? Because it has a series of features that will help your business to attract new customers.

What reveals the great reception that SEM campaigns are receiving in the business environment. If you still do not feel convinced, do not leave !. Next we will explain what is the SEM, what is Google Adwords and what are the benefits of doing an SEM advertising campaign.

What is the SEM?
SEM is a digital marketing tool that serves to improve the visibility of a web page and increase traffic, through the search engines.

There are search engines all over the world, only some of which are the most popular and popular. In Peru, the one that is most used is Google, in China it is Baidu. So, Peruvian companies should invest in SEM campaigns in Google, not in Bing or Yahoo !. Therefore, we recommend Google AdWords if the public of your business is Peruvian.

What is Google AdWords?
It is the advertising platform of the Google search engine, it allows you to create and manage advertisements (text, video or graphics). And as we mentioned at the beginning of the article the SEM campaigns of Google AdWords allows you to get customers online .

4 Benefits of running an SEM ad campaign in Google Adwords:

You only pay per click: In this type of campaigns you will only pay when a prospect clicks on your ads.

It can make your business grow: Advertising campaigns in all media contribute to the growth of a company, this is why an ad is viralized and makes it possible for thousands of people to see it.
However there are some differences that make it convenient to implement the SEM instead of a traditional advertising campaign, one of these are the metrics offered by the SEM campaigns, with which you can evaluate the performance of your ad and investment.

Allow your website to be found on Google: Every day millions of users worldwide google, always looking for something they need or are satisfied with. Therefore, if you want your website to be seen and your products / services are known you need to make it visible by appearing on Google.
To achieve this there are only two strategies SEM and SEO, in this article we are talking about the SEM, because it is the fastest you can get, but if you want to know a little more about SEO SEO strategy and how SEO can help your business we will leave you a couple of links.

It is an effective resource to attract customers to your company: Thanks to the various features and functions presented by Google AdWords you can reach your ideal client without problems, you will do it in a much more efficient way than you can imagine, since you will be able to create a profile of your ideal client and you will be able to define with what keywords you want your ad to appear and with which you definitely do not want it to be shown by mistake. This way you will avoid wasting money and you will only pay for the clicks that have high potential to get you a client.
That was all for today, we hope we have helped you and that with this information you can grow your company. Good luck managing your Google AdWords campaigns and remember if you need help with this arduous task you can call or write to us, we are specialists in Google AdWords advertising and we would love to work with you.

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