What are the Best Ways to Optimize Your Profits in Affiliate Marketing Program?

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Do you know that with a few small adjustments to your campaigns you can maximize your earnings as an Affiliate ?

Yes, I have managed to increase my earnings constantly by making small adjustments to my promotions.

The best thing is that most are very simple to implement and you will see the results in a short time.

Some might sound basic, but believe me, when you give a general review of your strategy, you realize that there are several details that you were not considering.

Let’s start with a point that many underestimate.


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1. Select a specific niche and focus on it

The first step is to focus your content on a specific topic, that is, it is not advisable to write about many topics that are not related to each other.

The objective is not to attract readers of diverse themes, but to attract potential buyers of the products or services with which you are affiliated.

Since in this way, people who visit you will be part of a very specific niche where advertising will reach them with greater success.

In Affiliate marketing your goal is to promote other people’s products within your blog, therefore, you must focus specifically on the issues that relate to these products, making classifications that allow you to approach the target audience.

For example, if within your blog you write about football and are affiliated with products or brands that sell products such as shirts, balls and everything related to football, it will be much easier to get potential customers for your Affiliates.

If you write about sports in general, you will attract more readers, but there will be less chance of them becoming potential customers.

2. Test A / B of your landing sites

This is probably the most missed method to increase your earnings.

If you are already making money as an Affiliate, you surely know that having an optimized landing site is one of the main elements of your website.

To maximize your sales or subscriptions follow these steps:

  1. Get the statistics of your most effective landing site, such as how many subscribers you get or how many sales you generate and direct to your Affiliate program.
    This is very important as this will depend on the effectiveness of your A / B test.
  2. Take this landing site and create a copy. This will be your version B
  3. Make changes that you think may affect visitor behavior: make a sales message longer, or shorter than the previous one. Choose photos of people that resemble your target audience, etc.
    Important point: don’t make many changes. Most of the time you just need a few small changes to test which version works best
  4. Send traffic to the two pages and see if the second version (B) has higher or lower conversions than the original page (A).
    If so, you already have a winner!
    Change page A to B and start earning more money.
  5. Repeat this same test periodically to make sure you’re always maximizing your results.

3. Use your successful campaigns on other platforms

Every successful campaign deserves to be disseminated on the various platforms where you have a presence, that is, if you have led a good campaign in Facebook ads, it is a good idea to use it within your blog.

If the metrics of your Affiliate campaign have been good and potential customers have reacted positively, you can also look for them on other platforms as they will be almost guaranteed sources of income.

You can do it through Facebook ads and email marketing campaigns, Google Ads , etc.


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4. Start with a small budget and scale your spending carefully

It is always a good idea to start a campaign with a small budget and start measuring the results.

Many Affiliates get excited when they have a campaign that starts working well, and make the mistake of greatly increasing their ad budget.

This tends to change the results and they may receive many more visits, but their conversion is less, so they will start losing money.

Define your budget for your campaign and if it works, increase it gradually, to avoid spending money unnecessarily.

This way you will really know the performance of your advertising strategy, before making drastic changes and making mistakes in your Affiliate campaign.

Once you have a winning campaign, increase your budget little by little (between 15% and 20% is a good practice), until you have a consistent result between your expenses and profits.


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5. Negotiate better commissions on successful campaigns

Most affiliate pages assign the same commission to all their Affiliates, this is called the base rate.

But when you do a good affiliate marketing and take a good flow of high quality leads to companies, it’s time to start negotiating better commissions.

If you have done a very successful advertising campaign, write to the company you work with, show them a summary of the potential clients you have taken towards them and suggest an increase in your commissions.

Use persuasion and your commissions will surely increase!

6. Use remarketing to maximize your sales

Remarketing is one of the best strategies to get more sales through visitors to your website.

Most people will not take action the first time they arrive on your website, such as buying or subscribing.

However, with remarketing you can “follow it” through other websites, and so you will have another chance to convince him to take your offer.

Remarketing works as follows: when a user visits a web page cookies are installed in their browser, this way you will know that you have visited your web page before.

For example, the Facebook Pixel allows that when they enter your profile you can show them ads about what you have already seen on your website.

For example, if you arrived at your landing site where you talk about an offer or coupon, when you go to Facebook, you can display ads that remind you that you can still get your offer or coupon at that time.

In this way you will recover a large part of the visitors who did not buy the first time they visited your website .

7. Use email marketing to sell more to your visitors

One of the biggest advantages you have within your website or blog is that you have the option to ask potential customers for their data, including email. Of course, following international privacy standards, such as the GDPR .

By having the email of potential customers, you can send newsletters where you can inform them about new promotions, products, or simply send them valuable content such as articles or videos.

With this you can be in constant contact with them and even if they have not bought the first time they visited you, you will have many other opportunities to convert them through your email campaigns.


Affiliate marketing can be a challenging and exciting business, but also sometimes frustrating, because we don’t know how to scale and earn more commissions.

My purpose in showing you these tactics is that you earn more money by doing practically the same effort.

Which of these tactics do you think will be most effective for you? Tell us in the comments.


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