What is a CRM? and How can you help your company?

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CRM comes from the English Customer Relationship Management which in Spanish means management of the relationship with the client. This is a system that allows you to organize all the activities and interactions of your company with customers. For example, the calls you make to them, the emails you send them, the meetings that you plan and do with each of them and all the sales closings.

In this software the customer is the center of the universe and the areas in charge of managing it are: the marketing area (in charge of marketing and advertising campaigns to publicize your products) and the sales area (which is in charge of contacting the people who were interested in each product promoted by the marketing area and transform them into customers).

The most important benefit of this system is that it allows you to track the history of each client and each of your purchases. This way you can meet each client individually, which will allow you to achieve your “sell” goal, as well as provide a good shopping experience to the customer. In addition, these data will help you to know the type of customer you have, so you can carry out personalized marketing campaigns and treat each one as a unique client.

And how can CRM help your company? 
A CRM can help your company loyalty to your customers, that is to say, not only buy you once, but go back to buy and recommend. This software also helps your company to have a database with the information of each client, such as: your personal information (name, phone or cell phone, email), whether a sale is concrete or not, your degree of satisfaction and opinions or notes on this sales process.

Benefits of CRM for your company:

Improve sales processes (future and current).
It helps convert prospects into potential clients and follow them up until they reach a sale or until they express that they are definitely not interested in buying.
It allows you to have a history for each client to evaluate your case more accurately in case a claim arises, or if the person who attended it is not found when the client calls the company and requires an after-sales service.
Improves and unifies teamwork among several areas of the company, so that the client receives better attention.
Finally, you must be clear that the primary reason why your company needs a CRM is not sales, but customers; which are what make it possible for your business to sell.

In summary, this means seeks:

First : Capture new customers.
Second : Build a database on the Internet.
Third : Conquer and retain each client (current and future).
Fourth : Create standardized sales processes.
Fifth : Have information (about clients) organized and accessible for different areas. To avoid losing data and optimize sales processes.

Now let’s see an example:

Imagine a normal day in your business: You receive some calls and emails from potential customers. The customer service area sends an email with this information to the sales area. In addition, the Community Manager receives many inboxes of clients requesting information through social networks. Everything is going well because the demand is not very high this day.

Crm system

Now imagine another day in which you receive many inboxes of clients, the customer service area receives 150 emails and 60 calls requesting information about the product promoted by the marketing area. Customers start to get angry because you do not answer them all. You come to the conclusion that the marketing area did a great job and the customer service area can not with as much demand. Then you perceive a problem: you have a lot of disordered information and this is damaging sales.

Then, the night arrives and the person in charge of answering the emails can not do it and does not notify the sales executive of the meetings he had the following day because the information of the prospects was misplaced. You lose many clients because you do not have a system to manage customer service.

To avoid this type of chaos and disorganization, there is the CRM that systematizes the data of all the customers that want your products, the best thing is that any person from the areas in charge will be able to have access to it and continue attending to someone from another area. All the necessary data to offer quality customer service to keep you happy.

How does a CRM work

So if client A sends his email or an inbox to your company, the community manager can enter his data to the CRM so that the sales manager can contact him directly and persuade him to make a purchase. In addition, you will have everything in one place, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will only need to train your staff to use it properly without omitting any data or step.

Now that you know what a CRM is and how this system can help your company, do you dare to try it? Start to organize your customer agenda and get better quality of customer service you offer, do it with a CRM. We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of organizing your database.

In Social Sutra Digital we are specialists in database or CRM development, if you need to implement one in your company do not hesitate to write us, we will love working with you.

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