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  • November 10, 2018
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If you want to earn money with your Blog, you have to appear in the top positions of Google so you will have to master the process of SEO.

Everyone who has a Web page and wants to make money with it, has decided to do SEO to position it in the first position on Google Search. SEO optimization is not a whim; It is an extremely important obligation. Probably one of the most important practice on the Internet, because it offers us the tools to reach the first position on search engines like Google.

Google, the most important search engine of today, is becoming more and more expert and demanding in terms of indexing criteria. The algorithm that Google uses, to decide which page goes up and which one below, is a mystery that many want to know and that some, many times by trial and error, come to dominate.

Google gives clues how to do the optimization so that the result of the Web page is to your liking, and although we may never understand how it works in details, we can say that the objective of the search engines is to offer the best user experience .
You do not do the SEO optimization in your Blog and then tell the search engine, such as Google, that you have complied with the requirement and that you must “reward yourself”. Rather you should do it because your potential clients deserve it; Optimize benefits your business .

Now, if you ask us we would answer that there are two big reasons why you should take the trouble to optimize in SEO and that is what we are going to see.

To be attractive to search engines

This is what I was talking about at the beginning, the search engine defines how the websites you like the most and invites you to adapt to the definition.

To please or seem attractive, SEO optimization goes far beyond just one aspect, in fact, it is the sum that improves chances of being among the top positions.

How do I like the search engine? There are several conditions that you must meet in order for the search engine to index your blog above the other related results.

the search engine to index your blog above the other related results.

Technical conditions

In the case of Google, it is known that you want the web page to load fast , that improves the user’s experience (we’ll see later). That is why a while ago we recommended you use a content distribution network (CDN) on your website .

SEO optimization strategies in this sense are quite specific, in fact, there are tools that help you measure how optimized your Blog is. Among them we find: optimization of images to occupy a smaller space, optimization of the code, definition of the browser cache, compression of the resources of the site, among other SEO factors of Web pages .

In fact, of all, the technical conditions are the easiest to satisfy, because it supposes activities that are measurable, and are small tips for SEO optimization that you can do yourself on your Web page .

Content conditions

These are the most variable conditions, which are the hardest to fulfill.
Search engines are changing their minds with what they consider optimal in this regard. A few years ago there was no talk of extensions of texts or percentages of key words in the text; if you like, everything was much rougher.
Nowadays, search engines have managed to relate some aspects of the content with the quality of it and its usefulness for the user, and take them as a reference.

For example, it is suggested that the more words a text has, the more it is possible to offer more complete information. The use of images and videos to strengthen the message is also valued.
Above all there is talk of the appearance of keywords in specific places that helps the search engine to interpret what the content is about and index it correctly.

As we commented a long time ago, at the content level of the Web page, there are many tips for SEO optimization that are often forgotten .

Authority conditions

I like to call them that, because it is what search engines want to know to sort the positions of the results . In very simple words, Google gives higher priority to Blogs that, after having complied with the two previous conditions, have the best response from users.
Since the engine can not check site by site, what it does is establish certain rules.
If an article of your Blog is cited or referenced from another, Google takes it as a point in your favor, because it understands that it has been useful to other people .
The time a user stays in your Blog also talks about the authority of the site. The engine assumes that the more time a user spends on the Web page, the more quality information it has found.
Undoubtedly, this is the most important part of all SEO optimization, but if you look, it does not depend on us, rather we strive with the conditions above and we hope that it will have an effect and that we will be given some authority.
In a general way, we make our Blog attractive to Google.
Some time ago we gave more information about these aspects of SEO to take into account even before launching your website .

To improve the customer experience

The second reason why you must do SEO to your Blog is to improve the user experience. Search engines do not demand everything we’ve seen before just because they want it, it’s not a whim.
It is assumed that, if your site loads fast, if it has quality content, that responds to the needs of Internet users, then the latter (users) will positively affect the indexing of your pages on your website.
It is very important that we understand that the secret of optimization revolves around customer satisfaction , when we see the most common mistakes, I will talk more about this.
Can the client’s experience be good and that even then my page is not optimized with respect to the search criteria? Yes, of course, but I would not say that the page is not optimized, but rather that you have done it without realizing it.
It’s as simple as that, if you do not know how to instruct the search engine to index your site, it will never do it. Ask yourself if the site is not indexed, how will I have visitors? It is very likely that you do not have them, that’s why SEO is the way you usually use it .
One last idea about the reasons is that SEO should not be optimized “because my competition does it”. Let’s stop doing things because we have seen it on other websites and start to see how to adapt the optimization according to our needs.

Errors when doing SEO

I’m not going to talk about the errors that result in the penalties of the site, maybe for that we have more time later. What we are going to study are the errors at the time of the implementation of the plan, based on the conditions that I have named above.
Give more relevance to the search engine than the customer

This is a typical case and the biggest mistake of all. Many web pages are involved in fulfilling the suggestion to the letter and the website loses that unique touch .
For example, I have seen many cases that change the template to websites for ones that have a simpler design just to load faster. Clearly you want to please the engine, but what about the customer? Surely you are not offering the experience they want.

Then we have the use of images. I invite you to use the Google tool and note how it says ” optimize the images ” and suggests that you reduce the size of the image.
The most common practice to satisfy this is to degrade the quality of the images or eliminate the heavier ones and replace them with others. Again, the optimization conditions are met, but the user receives a poor result visually. Although in this case in particular it is a matter of putting a little creativity.
In fact, if we engage in the use of keywords and force the text, then we also deteriorate the client’s experience, albeit subjectively. That is, if the text is not easy to read, or contains spelling errors so that the keyword matches, you probably do not enjoy the information as much.

Is the user experience improved? According to Google, but he understands that Google is a machine, and that people are not. You must know how to balance the suggested optimization and the true experience of the user . Believe that it is only done once

I have heard hundreds of times that the SEO of a Web page is only done once. I am not saying that some aspects are configured and that constant changes should not be made, but there are others that need it.
In this sense I would say that there are two great moments to make SEO Web optimization changes: when the search engine changes the rules of the game and when we update our blog. In the same way we should do a new SEO optimization when redesigning or migrating a Web page .

For example, if you enter new content, then you must do SEO of it; optimize the images, the keywords, the quality of the texts are just some of the activities.
It is constant and I would say that, from the first results you have, you must change aspects of the strategy, as we commented some time ago by giving some SEO ideas to position yourself better in Web search engines .

Use obsolete techniques

There are people who live in the previous century when we talk about SEO optimization in Web pages. I’ve seen it mostly with the use of keywords.
The biggest problem with the use of obsolete techniques is that some are penalized and can lead to a penalty of the Blog .
Making web page optimization is equal to being up to date with the trends and see how to incorporate it.

Force indexing

Many confuse optimization with indexing and use penalized techniques for Web pages to rise. It is risky and you can lose all the work done previously. What people who work with Black Hat SEO techniques do is to force the condition of authority so that a Blog is better indexed .
How do they do that? They usually artificially build a network of links to the site to make it appear that the information given is of value. Some even use programs that make visits to places as if they were people to improve the time of stay and decrease the rebound.
If you want your Web page to be alive in the indexing, do not do it, because sooner or later the manipulation of the indexing is detected and the Blog is penalized.
Not being clear about the objective

I’ve told you before, not knowing why to optimize a blog and do it because others do, it means that you do not have clear objectives; without objectives there is no plan , because you do not know what you want.

Implement without analyzing

Each website is different and even though search engines have standard rules, not everything is valid for your site.
All SEO optimization must be well thought out , especially to achieve that balance between what the search engine wants and the experience of the clients.
In fact, in the specific case of Blogs, the content strategy must be analyzed so that it is truly useful for the user.

Not having a plan

Even when you know why to optimize, you may fail to have a clear plan. If you want to do quality SEO, setting aside the technical conditions, you must have a schedule of activities and how you will develop them.
Once again, as we talk about a Blog, it is not about creating content right and left, but rather there must be a logical evolution in it.
A very common error when you do not have a web content optimization plan is that the URLs cannibalize each other. This is because we put to compete two entries of a blog that touch the same subject with similar keywords.

We have found the mystery

That’s right, I’ve given you reasons to do SEO to your Blog, and I hope everything has been very clear. What I want you to remember is that it is very important that you know where to start and where you want to go.
It is a long and laborious process, at times the indexation stagnates and we must turn the strategy around. I remember that at that time we will be happy to help you in your new SEO strategy.
Undoubtedly, if you manage to make the user see quality in your content, the engine will also do so; In that moment you will see how your Blog scales positions.

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