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A digital strategy must include all relevant spaces where the target interacts.
Digital Marketing is the application of marketing strategies implemented in digital media. All the techniques employed in the offline world are imitated and translated into the virtual/ online world. In the digital field, new characteristics appear such as immediacy, the emergence of social networks, and the tools that allow us to make real measurements.
  • The first is based on web 1.0, which does not differ from the use of traditional media. Its main characteristic is the impossibility of communication and exposure of users. Only the company has control of what is published about itself.

  • With web 2.0, the possibility of sharing information easily is born thanks to social networks and new information technologies that allow the almost instantaneous exchange of pieces that were impossible before, such as videos, graphics, etc. Internet is being used not only as a means to search for information but also as a community, where there are constant relationships and feedback with users from different parts of the world.

In this new area, the second instance of digital marketing is developed since users can talk about the brand freely. They have a very important power that before was only allowed to the media: Opinion.

Marketing techniques must then change their paradigm. If before the distributors, the media, and the producers were the ones who had the power of opinion, now the focus must shift to the user. It is able to search for what it wants thanks to the power of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), and not only ask the given media if its decision is correct, it also has the possibility of reading reviews, comments and ratings from other users


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What's new about digital marketing?

We use data to accelerate business growth by implementing creative and innovative digital marketing strategies.
Measurable results
The advantage that digital marketing, allows you to track your return on investment (ROI) more precisely than traditional marketing.
Digital media allows us to monitor campaign results in real-time so that we can adjust and optimise our strategy accordingly.
Global reach
When we refer to global reach, we mean that, with the internet, we can reach people from anywhere in the world.
Precision in the target
Unlike a traditional marketing ad that is printed for a large, undifferentiated audience, digital marketing allows us to direct our ads to a specific group that aligns with the campaign, thus running it more efficiently.

What solutions does a digital marketing agency have to offer us?

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