Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The channel that never fails

Did you know that, according to a study,  80% of users consult their email several times a day? And that Internet users have a positive perception about this channel, especially when it comes to receiving product offers?

Despite being one of the longest lasting channels of digital marketing and many who have ventured to announce its decline, we see in all our projects that email marketing is still one of the channels with the most ROI .

Why do you need to have email marketing in your strategies?

  • Because it is highly effective. Email marketing is effective in terms of return because the format of communications, much wider than in any other online advertising technique, results in a much more memorable impact. In addition, the user conversion process implies a high level of interaction, which translates into attracting customers with a high interest in the brand.
  • Because it allows a high level of segmentation . Thanks to the different techniques of capturing users for the database and the history of interactions with them, we can create email lists with a high level of segmentation. If we add to this the power of big data and the automation of marketing, we see that it is possible to launch highly personalized and dynamic communications.
  • Because it is ideal for testing. Email marketing campaigns are a privileged format to perform A / B testings of infinite variables (issues, call to actions, creatives and messages of landing pages, recruitment forms, etc.) that allow us to find the most effective formula and the best conversion ratio. In the long run, this translates into better results for the brand.
  • Because it is a flexible and creative format . The email allows to impact with very creative and relevant pieces for users, including video and interactive formats. New trends, such as email kinetic, encourage interactivity and are still capable of surprising the public. And all this adapted to mobile devices.
  • Because it adapts to different needs . The email marketing of recruitment can face different objectives and strategies: not only is it indispensable in campaigns 100% oriented to conversion, but it can also provide quality traffic through content campaigns with objectives in the top-of-the -funnel to increase engagement and to nourish a future conversion.


How can we help you?

  • Through our team of experts, at Social Sutra we advise you from the beginning of the process and we provide you access to all the premium databases of the market. These are the services we offer for your marketing email campaigns:
  • Initial consulting We help you to clarify the objectives you pursue with this channel and we study the weight you should have in your global media plan, in a coordinated manner with other channels and always responding to your global business goals.
  • Preparation of campaigns . We give support in the design and technical development of the email marketing and landing pages creatives, with an orientation based on obtaining the best response rates and optimizing them progressively.
  • Broadcast We collaborate with a wide network of premium databases of various European and Latin American markets. In all our projects we propose from the beginning the test with different databases and small shipping volumes, to identify those that provide us with better quality in terms of cost per lead and cost per acquisition.
  • Analysis of campaigns . For us it is fundamental to transfer the results of all the shipments with the greatest possible transparency, breaking down the statistics of all the databases and A / B tests and interpreting in detail all the metrics. Thanks to this information, we can obtain insights that allow us to continue improving our service.

If you want to make the most of one of the most effective digital marketing channels and communicate with your target in a dynamic and personalized way thanks to email marketing, get in touch with us and discover how we can help you.