Social Media

Currently, most online users have a profile within a social network, therefore, an organization or company should not be left behind. Being in social networks means living and sharing interactively and dynamically with the client, creating emotional bonds.

Creating pages on social networks allows us to meet customers and make ourselves known at a low cost, generating potential customers with a 24/7 response.

Important aspects

Community Manager

The “community manager” is responsible for implementing the contents on social networks to generate fluid communication and interactivity with the client. They are the people who must resolve any doubt or comment to maintain the good image of the company and generate loyalty.


The content that is published on social networks should be striking and quality to retain the target group. It must be interactive content that informs and entertains.

Monitoring and Follow-up

Any action to promote a product or generate sales must be monitored to see if the strategies being used are correct. This is why giving proper follow-up to social network profiles is very important as it shows the results of the work carried out.


It is a report of traffic and growth in social networks. An analysis of the behavior of the followers is carried out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn and their comments and suggestions. The virality and scope of social media content on the target or target group for future market strategies and studies are also analyzed.


Giving importance to content that is handled or managed within social networks is of great importance, since any information must be presented in a professional manner, being responsible for knowing that a business profile is being handled and not personal. This will generate good comments about the brand.


Having a profile within social networks guarantees having a presence on the internet and making it easier for the user to find the company with its products and services.


Having a community is creating a space to share with customers within a social network. This gives them closer and personalized contact, providing the attention they deserve.


Among the great advantages of communication platforms in social networks is the immediate response that you can receive from your customers, a response between company / client and client / company that will generate a lasting relationship and loyalty.


Communication and information within social networks is constant and very active. If the content is of quality, it will generate the desired impact and users will be motivated to share the material, generating viral content.

Audience Traffic

By having a presence within the social networks, the material or content of the company, users are encouraged to interact with the company to get to know it better by keeping users interested in the products or services.